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Creation of A-V Fistula for Renal Dialysis


An AV fistula is a connection that's made between an artery and a vein for dialysis access.

A-V fistula for Renal Dialysis


If you have been diagnosed with End-Stage Renal Disease and require dialysis, you will need to have a dialysis access placed. An AV fistula is considered the best choice because it generally lasts longer and has fewer problems. This is why Dr Abizer Kapadia focuses on this method of dialysis in his practice.

What Is An AV Fistula?

An AV fistula or an arteriovenous fistula connects an artery and a vein. Usually placed in the arm, the AV fistula makes the blood flow from the artery into the vein. This, in turn, increases blood pressure, therefore making the vein expand. The enlarged veins can then deliver the necessary amount of blood flow adequate for hemodialysis treatment.

AV fistulas are the preferred vascular access for long-term dialysis because they last longer than any other dialysis access types. They are also less prone to infection and clotting, making their performance reliable and predictable.

AV-fistula - Dr Abizer Kapadia

Why Should You Choose AV Fistula?

What To Expect At The Consultation With Dr. Abizer Kapadia?

Dr. Abizer Kapadia gives the utmost importance to the consultation as it is the step where you understand the procedure, all the aspects of it, and analyze your comfort level with the doctor and his/her staff. During the consultation, Dr. Abizer Kapadia will guide you through the whole process with all the details and will discuss how to prepare for the surgery, its recovery process, helping you make an informed decision. Dr. Abizer will also discuss and understand your reasons for getting surgery and help you have realistic goals and expectations from the surgery.

During the consultation, you should prepare yourself for a physical examination and discuss your medical history, previous surgeries, drug allergies, medical conditions, and other such topics concerning your health. Dr. Abizer also urges his patients to ask questions and queries to resolve any doubts they may have regarding the surgery, procedure, risks involved, and results as his utmost priority lies in the safety and satisfaction of his patients.

Before / After Images

Client Results

Dr. Abizer Kapadia has been producing great, aesthetically pleasing, and natural-looking results consistently in his 10 years of practice. However, the before-after images can not be showcased publicly on digital platforms in compliance with the laws in UAE and ethical guidelines. You can request to see the before-after images during your initial consultation.

How AV Fistula Is Performed?

Although the fistula is generally created on the arm, it may be created on the leg depending on the patient and their needs. The procedure takes a few hours, making it a daycare procedure. The patient can go home a few hours after their surgery. The surgery itself takes place through the following steps:

How Is Recovery After AV Fistula?

As stated earlier, AV fistula creation is generally done as an outpatient or daycare procedure and does not require overnight hospitalization. You should be able to go home a few hours after the procedure is completed.

There will be some swelling and pain at the incision or access site. Therefore, you need to keep the access arm elevated. The swelling and pain reduce over time. Dr Kapadia also prescribes painkillers to manage the pain post-operation. You will also receive specific directions about how to care for your access arm. Following these instructions ensures a smoother, more comfortable and faster recovery.

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If you have any doubts or queries regarding AV Fistula or any other treatment, then we invite you for a consultation with Dr. Abizer Kapadia where he will gladly and expertly guide you on the matter.

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